design. sleep. repeat.

Chill and enjoy.

Strength doesn’t come from what you can do. It comes from overcoming the things you once thought you couldn’t.

– Rikki Rogers

That quote to the left? That’s mine. Quite accidentally, I designed something one day that went a bit viral… it wasn’t an image, or a video. I like to think that what caught on – what resonated for so many people – was the idea that we’re all capable of more than we know.

The thing that I once thought I couldn’t overcome was work. Work was always an inconvenience. It was that thing I did while I daydreamed about what I wanted to be doing; graphic design. Work was the opposite of art. It was mind-numbing and hard. And I hated every minute of it.

And then I went back to school to make the daydream into my every day. Design is complicated. Design is hard, at times. But it’s also exhilarating, creative, and I get to speak to people every day who are busting with passion for what they do. I get to help them share that passion with other people.  I get to earn my keep in this world as an artist – and the percentage of artists who can say that their art is also their bread and butter is pretty slim. I wake up feeling thankful for that every day. Are you passionate about what you do, too? Let me help you build your brand. Scroll down to see some of the awesome folks who already have.

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